Every Volvo Genuine Part is crafted to ensure you spend more time driving your car and less time servicing it.

Not all parts are created equal

One of the cornerstones of Volvo safety is viewing the car as a system. The parts interact to create a complete unit that functions like clockwork. To maximize the time between servicing (up to 10,000 miles) and preserve the original safety and integrity of your vehicle, choose Volvo Genuine Parts. They're always guaranteed to carry the same uncompromising promise as the car itself - and include a lifetime warranty when they're replaced at an authorized dealer.

Guaranteed efficiency

Air filters created to optimize airflow. Oil filters developed to maximize particle absorption. Only Volvo Genuine Parts are guaranteed at the highest level of efficiency.
 Engineered for safety

Volvo Genuine Parts are developed to ensure that all of your vehicle's safety systems are working together seamlessly - from brake pads to windshield.

Knowing your car has been repaired,
using high-quality Volvo Genuine Parts
that are all 100% compatible with your car,
gives you total peace of mind.